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A healthy body needs to be cared for from both the inside and the outside. In a sterile world like ours today, we are constantly afraid of coming into contact with bacteria that could make us sick.

- The fear of bacteria -

How could these fears arise in the first place?

They are unfortunately the result of wrong conclusions of research and industry over the past decades, also in connection with appropriate marketing, whose statements have solidified in the consciousness of society. In the past, it was suggested to us that bacteria can be divided into “good" and “bad" and that we should banish (sterilize) all “bad" bacteria from our planet. In the field of application, this always happens at the expense of the “good" ones. Therefore for clarification in advance:

  1. The basic elimination of bacteria is not possible at all. When trying to do this, resistances are formed, because the bacteria try everything to be allowed to stay. This then achieves the opposite effect: “bad" bacteria remain, form resistances and cause even greater problems.
  2. First of all, there are only bacteria that perform different functions and contribute to a balance in the microbiome. They all strive to maintain life. Only when they are isolated, genetically modified or their balance is disturbed by interference, problems can arise due to so-called pathogenic germs. This trouble always arises when there is an imbalance in a place itself and contact with pathogenic germs leads to illness. In a healthy microbial environment there are no “bad" bacteria, because the pathogens associated with them are given a task in the community and cannot cause a pathological imbalance in the existing balance.

So it is our society itself that tends to classify bacteria as “bad" in principle, fights against them and achieves undesirable results.

The result is the dreaded imbalance for our skin

  • Too little contact with microorganisms in a sterile environment
  • Excessive skin care (constant showering, washing and creaming)
  • Artificial ingredients in creams, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

A healthy microbiome is created through gentle care

  • Natural ingredients
  • Care in moderation
  • Allowing microbial contact

If the skin’s healthy protective barrier is disturbed, communalized microorganisms can quickly provide relief to restore bacterial balance.

Our MicroVeda Microorganisms are adapted to the organism of humans, animals and nature and bring about a healthy microbiome both in the body and on the body and in the entire environment and nature.

Learn more about MikroVeda microorganisms here…

What is special about MikroVeda Microorganisms products for body care?

Our products are manufactured in our long experienced manufactory with great care and according to the highest quality and hygiene standards and with relevant certifications. The legislator currently still prohibits living ingredients in cosmetic and dental care products. For this reason, highly effective metabolic products and information of the MikroVeda microorganisms are transferred to these products: depending on the product, e.g. through the use of Mzyme, MikroVeda ceramic powder or MikroVeda ceramic energized water.

Is there one product for everything?

Basically: Yes.

However, our products are tailored in their composition to the respective body area. In essence, however, they all work the same: the MikroVeda microorganisms act here as a cleansing and caring factor in many respects. Thus, MikroVeda carries a product that can be successfully used in both cleansing and body care. MikroVeda BLOND is food-based and therefore harmless to humans. Thus, in the household can be cleaned with MikroVeda microorganisms and at the same time foot baths can be prepared with the same product, which can be used, for example, against athlete’s foot diseases supportive.

Use it whenever you need to promote or maintain a healthy microbiome through personal care products. If this remains in balance, it contributes to the health of the person and his environment.

Why is this so?

In a nutshell, it’s because communal microorganisms work together to sustain life. And they do this everywhere they are applied. They work in contact with their environment, promoting and complementing each other and passing on this power of togetherness to the living beings around them. What the microbial strains produce in their microbial metabolism serves as food for the others, and their metabolic products in turn feed others. A coherent system is created, which is universally nourishing, in which there is neither lack nor waste.
The most important factor for the success of the MicroVeda microorganisms is the environment in which the microorganisms are found. We humans are the ones who should be mindful and create the basis for the microorganisms’ habitat. Thus, it is of no use if we choose our body care products from the range of microorganisms products, but clean our body and environment with bacteria-killing agents. A healthy microbiome can only develop if the environment remains healthy and natural.

Our tip to you:

  • Do not use antibacterial cleansing wipes for your skin and household. Your microbiome will suffer and a healthy microbial environment cannot be created.
  • Cleanse your skin only with natural products without artificial additives.

Harmful and/or questionable ingredients can be identified by the suffix: -cone or -xane, aluminum salts: Designation: alumina, aluminum chloride, aluminum stearate, aluminum powder, Cl77000, benzophenone, formaldehyde, mineral oils, kerosenes, synthetic glycerin, parabens, emollients, especially phthalates.
This applies to creams, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste as well as all other products for your personal care.

  • Regularly spray communalized microorganisms in your home environment, because your household has a microbiome too!
  • Don’t shower too often so as not to disrupt your skin microbiome (2x a day might be too much!).

So care for your skin thoughtfully on a natural basis and also maintain a healthy lifestyle!

We have been researching the effectiveness of our MikroVeda microorganism community for 25 years now, resulting in new products all the time. On our pages and via the blog we keep you informed about the latest products and their areas of application.

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