Mzyme lunar cure: strengthen and purify according to the lunar cycle

Mond und Meer

Cures with a coordinated microorganism complex over a certain period of time can help the bacterial colonization in and on the body to stabilize again. Our proposed cures are holistic, they take into account not only the specific problem area, but also the whole, so to speak, body and soul of the organism. They are always understood as an interplay of microorganism preparations of various types combined with other elements that can make their contribution to an improved psyche, nutrition and body feeling.

Mzyme Moon Cure

Variant 1 (full moon): Purify and calm down

Variant 2 (New Moon): Strengthening and drive


  • ca. 500 ml Mzyme
  • Crystal table salt from the Himalayan foothills

Dosage and application:
3 x daily with meals (morning, noon, evening) approx. 10 ml Mzyme
1 pinch crystal salt

Start time, duration and repetition:
Purify and soothe:
Start the cure after full moon.
Strengthening and drive
Start the cure after new moon
Dosage and application:

3-weeks-cure You can do this cure 3 times a year.
Between the different cures, we generally recommend taking a break of one week.

– Traditional ferment from the island of 100-year-olds.
– Liquid extract for stirring into a beverage.
Mzyme is produced in a one-year fermentation and maturation process from carefully selected, purely plant-based raw materials by MikroVeda microorganisms.

Crystal table salt from the Himalayan foothills
This table salt is free from environmental pollution of modern seas and chemical additives such as anti-caking agents.

It contains an abundance of minerals and trace elements such as sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. Origin: Pakistan, Salt Range

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