Terra Preta project in the municipality of Tönisvorst


Good bacteria at work for healthy soils and plants

The first weekend of September 2020 was the day. In a first small action, Terra Preta was mixed with the help of MikroVeda microorganisms.

The mayoral candidate Uwe Leuchtenberg supports the project as a sponsor and would like to pursue the idea of Terra Preta. The production of Terra Preta for public use in the municipality of Toenisvorst would be considered. All participants showed great interest in the significance and function of Effective Microorganisms and in the many ways in which they can be used.

What is Terra Preta?

It is the so-called “black earth" of the Amazon Indians. It is considered to have great advantages to ensure a more sustainable soil fertility. The original composition consisted of charcoal, ash, food waste and excrement. Bereits vor 7.000 Jahren stellten Ureinwohner diese Erde her.

For a production with a readily available raw material input, the principle can be equally transferred for our region today.

This requires:

  • Large container with lid for preparation
  • Garden and kitchen waste
  • Charcoal powder
  • Stone powder
  • Soil microorganisms for the activation of raw materials

Advantages of Terra Preta

  • Activation and intensification of soil life
  • No need for top dressing
  • Aeration of the soil
  • High water storage capacity
  • Strengthening the resistance to pests
  • Optimal nutrient availability for plants
  • Active climate protection by binding CO2

What is the next step in Toenisvorst?

Initiator Hannah Heim is confident that work will continue in the community toward land improvement in the coming years. However, she is also aware that this would be a long-term project with some hurdles that would not be easy to overcome, such as financing the production of the terra preta. Now, for the time being, it is a matter of continuing the project and making the first successes useful for nature. We wish you continued fun and good luck!

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