EM Pioneers: The Story of Effective Microorganisms

Jungpflanze Mikroorganismen

Jungpflanze Mikroorganismen

The first information about the technology of Effective Microorganisms reached the entrepreneurial couple Gabriele Freitag-Lau and Kurt Walter Lau already in 1998. At that time they were already selling the first preparations with Effective Microorganisms.

As trained and certified manufacturers of stock solutions/urine solutions, they have been among the pioneers of this technology in Germany and Europe for over 20 years. They received their professional training in Japan, USA and Thailand, among other places. Many study trips to get to know the numerous fields of application of Effective Microorganisms led them to Japan, Okinawa, USA, Southeast Asia, South Africa and all over Europe.

The media company founded by Kurt Walter Lau in 1989, Organischer Landbau Verlag Kurt Walter Lau , specialist publisher for gardening & ecology, was in its function as a pioneer in the year 2000 in the German-speaking world leading in the dissemination of EM technology. This was done by acquiring the licenses for the translation of the listed books of the horticultural scientist Dr. Teru Higa into the German language, for printing and distribution:

“A Revolution to Save the Earth – Solving Our World’s Problems with Effective Microorganisms (EM)" (Xanten, 1st edition 2000; out of print),
“The reclaimed future – Effective Microorganisms (EM) give new hope for our lives and our world" (Xanten, 1st edition 2002; ISBN 3-922201-42-3; out of print),
“Effective Microorganisms (EM) – A revolutionary technology goes around the world" (Xanten, 1st edition 2005; ISBN 3-922201-49-0) as well as.
“New life from fermented kitchen waste – High-quality Bokashi compost through Effective Microorganisms (EM)" (Kevelaer 2007).
The technology for producing preparations from Effective Microorganisms is now widely known in German-speaking countries.

In addition, the books of the medical doctor Dr. Shigeru Tanaka followed at the publishing house:

“EM-X -About the healing power of antioxidants from Effective Microorganisms (EM) (Xanten, 1st edition 2001; ISBN 3-922201-41-5; out of print) and.
“Fit and vital with antioxidants" (1st edition 2005;).
Parallel to this, OLV already published various technical articles on EM technology in the early 2000s, including one by Dr. Teruo Higa in his organic gardening and permaculture magazine NATURALLY GARDENING & LIVING A DIFFERENT LIFE.

What has become of Effective Microorganisms today?

MikroVeda has steadily evolved and today carries the world-renowned MikroVeda Microorganisms, an effectively symbiotized microorganism complex, non-GMO, derived from nature.

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