Naturally support worming treatment in dogs and cats

Worming treatment

Veterinarians recommend: Dogs and cats should be wormed regularly, it is part of the annual routine for us pet owners. However, these “worming" treatments have nothing in common with the regenerating, recuperative concept of the cure. Often the animals suffer from stomach and intestinal complaints afterwards and feel anything but regenerated. Nevertheless, worming has its very important function in keeping the animal healthy and protects it from disease-causing parasites and also us pet owners through the close contact with the animal. Thus it is often parents of smaller children who attach importance to regular worming of their pet in order to prevent an infestation in the child through the transmission of the dog’s welcoming tongue.

What actually happens during a worming treatment?

Within 24 hours, the worming treatment acts in the animal and is supposed to eliminate all worms and their eggs. This happens via neurotoxic substances (nerve toxins with the active ingredient praziquantel), which paralyze worms present in the animal so that they can be excreted. However, these substances also have their side effects.

Will a worming cure harm my animal?

Worming should therefore not be carried out too frequently or purely prophylactically. If you follow the usual guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry, immune disorders or hypersensitivity, for example, are possible. Rather, pay attention to your pet and perform a worming treatment if you suspect it.

Possible symptoms of a worm infestation:

  • Diarrhea, sometimes bloody
  • Vomiting
  • constipation
  • bloated abdomen
  • loss of appetite and weight
  • deficiency symptoms due to nutrient deprivation in the stomach and intestines
  • Itching (especially around the anus, resulting in what is called “sledding," with the animal sliding around on its rear end)

Side effects of worming administration in some animals range from nausea and itching to cardiac arrhythmias. Overly regular and purely prophylactic administration would lead to permanent stress on the intestinal flora and possibly kidney disease or liver damage.

How can I support the health of my animal with worming?

With a healthy, balanced diet and the support of ferment-active complexes of MikroVeda you can give your animal a natural support to face a worming treatment strengthened and subsequently provide a natural build-up of the animal’s microbiome.

How can ProbiotiX Life naturally support the animal microbiome?

The MikroVeda ProbiotiX Life products are produced as a whole ferment with ferment-active-probiotic and optimally coordinated MikroVeda microorganisms. We also avoid artificial colors and attractants, flavors and preservatives and used only certified organic raw materials.

It serves to naturally strengthen the intestinal environment and digestion of the animals. A healthy intestinal environment and a strong intestinal mucosa mean an intact and functioning immune system.

Can the effective ferments from MikroVeda microorganisms also be used prophylactically?

By colonizing the intestine with positive bacteria, excessive infestation with intestinal parasites is prevented. In this way, worm infestation may not occur in the first place and you can naturally prevent it. Our preparations can be taken all year round as supplementary feed or as a cure.

Which bacteria are “good"?

The lactic acid bacteria added to the fermentation produce various enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants during fermentation, which can improve the well-being of the animal and naturally contribute to optimal health. For example, the aforementioned metabolites promote digestion, stabilize the intestinal flora, support the intestinal mucosa and stimulate as well as regulate the immune system.

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