Microbiome Balance on the go

Mikrobiom Balance im Urlaub

Time for holidays – The microbiotic mouth spray M33+ with you on your travels.

More than ever, we long for vacations or trips during these summer months. Just get out and see different places again.

Sensitive people or those suffering from chronic illnesses experience even the smallest excursions as stressful, as there are medications to take or regular and conscious meals to consider. For people with digestive problems, sensitive stomach, problems with oral health, MikroVeda offers a solution approach on the road:

Just like the liquid enzymes MikroVeda Life and Life Pur, which are tried and tested for use at home, the 50 ml Microbiotic Oral Spray M33+ in the practical spray bottle is ideal to take with you on your travels. It even trumps the proven house ferments Life and Life Pur with another bacterial strain and is specifically targeted at the microbiome in the mouth. So it can be sprayed on quickly with 5 sprays and the valuable ingredients directly enrich the oral cavity and be absorbed via the mucous membranes for further functions in the body.

Valuable strains of bacteria fermented in the community, such as various lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, colonize the oral microbiome and support the body’s self-health, and ultimately prevent bad breath and gum and tooth problems. The fermentation produced bioactive plant compounds, enzymes and vitamins can naturally support metabolic processes in the body.

More life hacks with the MikroVeda M33+ Microbiotic Mouth Spray:

Stressed skin due to sun?

The gentle and months-long fermentation has created a bacterial environment in the M33+, which offers an extremely high tolerance both in the body and on the skin.

From the very first contact with the body, it is colonized by the good bacteria, which are directly able to multiply and thus positively affect the microbiome in and on the body. The contained bacterial cultures are adapted to the human organism and of purely natural origin, neither genetically bred nor freeze-dried. So you can also spray your skin with the M33+ without hesitation. Rough, irritated skin, perhaps stressed by the sun at this time, can receive gentle care by spraying on M33+. Even children from the administration of solid food as well as pregnant and nursing women can take and use our symbiotics without hesitation.

Conveniently on the go, without side effects with other medications or intolerances, because ur-natural and gently fermented from controlled organic ingredients.

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