MikroVeda is a certified and trusted manufacturer

As a German producer of effective microorganism complexes, professional quality and hygiene control (HACCP) is ensured in production, filling and shipping. All ingredients of the preparations from our own production are controlled and certified by Ökop-Zertifizierungs GmbH, Straubing (DE-Öko-037). According to the EU regulation and organic implementation regulation, the preparations for agriculture and horticulture are also approved for organic farming. The soil and plant preparations as well as the supplementary feeds for farm animals are also listed in the Betriebsmittelliste of the Forschungsinstitut Biologischer Landbau (FiBl) Germany, Frankfurt/Main. The certifications are available for download.

HACCP Certificate of Conformity

HACCP Audit Certificate Probiotic Cultures and Cleaning/Desinfection Performance

HACCP Audit Certificate production, packaging and storage

Official feed monitoring

Manufacture & Marketing

Organic certification and approval of products for organic cultivation

Ökop-organic -certificate

Ökop-organic-certificate organic products