MikroVeda technology guarantees you first-class quality!

As a pioneer company in the field of Effective Microorganisms with now more than 20 years of experience in the areas of research, development, production and distribution of probiotic-ferment-active microorganism preparations, we guarantee excellent quality. In addition to our own laboratory, we cooperate with relevant partners in the field of microbiome research and have established ourselves in an international environment with premium products for human and animal health, household, hygiene, agricultural, aqua and sanitation. Our products are in demand by thousands of end customers due to their reliable efficacy. To achieve this goal, we deliberately chose to refine our technological approach with live microorganism cultures over the past years and can therefore completely eliminate the use of frozen bacterial strains in our production – MikroVeda quality.

Numerous customers from a wide range of industries rely on MikroVeda contract manufacturing and have done so for many years!
For many years, numerous business customers from a wide range of industries have also benefited from our know-how through contract manufacturing. For example, we have been producing probiotic-ferment-active microorganism preparations for business customers in the field of human and animal health, hygiene, household and agricultural as well as aqua industry for many years. Resellers also differentiate themselves from competitors in the dynamic but always competitive trade of probiotic-ferment-active microorganism preparations with the help of a private label program and benefit from MikroVeda’s technological knowledge, which is reflected in the balance of our end products.

We advise you during the concept development!

Development: MikroVeda is able to develop innovative formulations for each customer or for the most diverse areas of application. On the one hand, we draw on our many years of experience and, on the other hand, we are guided by the latest microbiome research of our international partners in order to compile preparations of first-class quality in line with requirements. We always pay attention to long-term effect as well as stable quality basis of super-activated preparations. MikroVeda holds various certifications and creates confidence in its partners for excellent marketability of the preparations produced via contract manufacturing.

“We pursue a holistic and systematic consulting approach from the required certifications, through raw material procurement, composition of the recipe, to fine-tuning in the production process. As a dynamic company, we are also characterized by the high degree of flexibility that allows us to optimally align our processes with the respective customer requirements."

Christian Gerritzen, Management MikroVeda

What does contract manufacturing mean?

In the contract manufacturing division – also known as order production – the contract manufacturer produces on behalf of another company. A contract manufacturer is therefore a kind of subcontractor that allows companies to outsource production orders in order to do without cost-intensive manufacturing facilities and production sites on the one hand, and on the other hand to be able to compensate for a possible lack of knowledge about the manufacturing processes (MikroVeda technology) through the contract manufacturer. The term therefore derives from the fact that the subcontractor receives a fixed wage for the production of the goods (probiotic-ferment-active microorganism preparations) that he has ordered from the contract manufacturer. This can include both a fixed lump sum and variable components, depending on the type of contract. As a rule, the contract manufacturer does not appear externally, but carries out the activities on behalf of another company. The basis for the provision of manufacturing services is a contract between the two parties. Contract manufacturers work exactly according to the specifications of their clients. The contract manufacturing system is applied across all industries.

Project management

Any contract manufacturing requires careful and holistic project management from the development of a formulation, through production, design and packaging, to market readiness.


We develop probiotic-ferment-active microorganism preparations for you according to your needs or coordinate your customized solution together with you. In doing so, we put our many years of relevant expertise in probiotic-ferment-active processes on the line for you.


As a manufactory, our production processes are partially automated in order to obtain the best results with live cultures, which is reflected, among other things, in a good density of microbes, a stable composition of colonies through careful composition of the preparations and a complete fermentation according to the desired state of the final product. Ultimately, working on live cultures is always a special challenge that requires close monitoring and intervention to regularly achieve first-class results.

Design and packing

As an essential means of communication, packaging pursues several goals in addition to protecting product quality. We can also work with our partners to develop suitable product designs or put together promotional materials and product information for our customers in both small and large batches, which can be printed in both small and large batches.


MikroVeda has an effective quality management system and provides support in obtaining marketability of all products. MikroVeda has an effective quality management system and provides support in obtaining marketability of all products. In addition, as microbiological control bodies can be commissioned both through the in-house laboratory and through various international research partners.

High trustworthiness through certifications

MikroVeda is certified organic and listed under the number: DE-ÖKO 037 as a company in accordance with EC legislation and sells only organic quality products (organic products). Furthermore, MikroVeda offers certificates of conformity InfoXgen, fertilizer traffic control, HACCP, certificates of conformity for organic farming and confirmations of the Official Feed Control.