What we stand for qualitatively, what makes us different

Reputable and certified manufacturer

  • Technological cooperations; involvement of renowned specialists in development
  • Over 20 years of own experience in development and production of microorganism preparations,
  • Organic certified
  • Quality management via own laboratory as well as involvement of external partners
  • Preparations from our own production “Made in Germany

Strictly natural manufacturing concept

  • No use of inactive microorganisms; only living organisms as active raw material (no use of frozen bacterial strains).
  • Entire production process is focused on “life" in the intact bacterial colony
  • High and more stable microbial product quality thanks to sophisticated formulations and gentle fermentation techniques
  • Use of own bacteria bank as freshest possible raw material source

Our raw material selection is subject to strict criteria

  • We do not use genetically manipulated organic cultures and other raw materials that affect this.
  • Exclusive use of organic raw materials or at least cf. organic quality; fair
  • Use of a very high number of well over 30 multi-biocultures; these include numerous valuable probiotic bacterial strains, which benefit our customers via the microorganism preparations
  • Vegan, no additives

Transparent and sustainable

  • We voluntarily publish the contained organic multicultures for the respective bacterial formulation of the category MikroVeda Life (food supplement), stock solution and Stock solution/Stock solution Plus for the benefit of the customer’s differentiation possibility.
  • We engage and cooperate for the benefit of “more sustainability

Learn more about our sustainability principle here…

“Not all probiotics are the same. This also applies to the area around communitized microorganisms. MikroVeda has always focused on professionalism and consistency. From the very beginning, we have taken natural processes as a model to support our customers in a natural way as well. This is why, for example, we also manage to incorporate a high number of active probiotic bacterial strains into our supplements. “Life" is at the forefront of our corporate DNA."

Kurt Walter Lau, Managing Director and Founder MikroVeda GmbH

What you measure other manufacturers by, or which questions might be important for you, among others

Try to estimate the technological, but above all the craftsmanship know-how

Form an opinion about the seriousness of the marketing statements made

Note, if applicable, the cheaper production under lower standards abroad (cf. certifications available?); where and how does quality management take place?

  1. What criteria for raw material selection are important to you personally?
  2. Is there transparency on the part of the manufacturer regarding the composition of the bacterial strains and species in the basic products? Common microorganisms or only (individual) lactic acid cultures?
  3. Are there characteristics of antibacterial properties in the base raw materials?