Our guiding principle is nature.

Inseparably linked to our work are value-oriented nature, animal and environmental protection, a healthy diet, natural health care and fair, partnership-based dealings with all people. Our declared corporate goal is to achieve business success in harmony with ecological and social aspects. We therefore strive to create cycles that are of mutual benefit to the people who live and work in our environment and to nature.
Our main focus is on a sustainable revitalization of disturbed environments or microbiomes of our planet earth. We are convinced that even a growing world population will be able to feed itself healthily and adequately in the future if it sees itself as part of intact ecosystems and lives and operates accordingly. Only economic cycles designed for the long term and adapted to nature are sustainable. This includes the careful, sustainable use of natural resources, but also the targeted use of environmentally friendly, authentic technologies such as the application of microorganism complexes according to the concept of EM Effective Microorganisms. For us, it is a crucial part of our solution concept and has been successively developed over the past decades.

MikroVeda as part of the ecological and social system

MikroVeda sees itself as part of the ecological and social community. Based on this responsibility, a holistic, overarching corporate responsibility is exercised, which manifests itself in all of the company’s activities.

Ecological resources

Through our purchasing behavior, we influence the conservation of nature by supporting organic farming, which operates without synthetic chemical substances and artificial fertilizers, practices sustainable soil and groundwater care, treats its entrusted animals and people with care and respect, and promotes natural diversity.

Natural fermentation

The production of our preparations from MikroVeda Microorganisms in our own manufacture according to the principles of a Craftwerk Fermentaion, is carried out in strict compliance with ecological guidelines. Our fermentation process, which has been tried and tested over many years and has been further developed by us, takes into account the natural processes for producing healthy food, feed, soil and plant aids.


Our products are high quality and represent a sustainable benefit for people, animals and the environment. Another goal of our company is to maintain and constantly optimize the quality of our products. See MikroVeda Quality to learn how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors in terms of quality.

Our principles

Sustainable life and work must have a credible, exemplary basis. We believe in being a role model and share our knowledge with our employees, customers, suppliers and other people who have recognized that living in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way is the imperative of our time. We do not exclude anyone, everyone is welcome. We also always ensure that our suppliers adhere to these principles, which are reflected in short transport routes, energy-efficient manufacturing and social responsibility.

Our clients

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. Our customers enjoy our utmost respect and appreciation. Understanding and satisfying their desires is our first goal loosely based on Plato: “Happy are men when they have what is good for them."

We have a heart for our customers and they should feel at home with us. Our products and services should make our customers satisfied. They should be enthusiastic about it and tell their friends and acquaintances about it. We do not strive for short-term business deals, but for a long-term customer relationship based on honesty, trust and sympathy.

Our team

We attach great importance to the involvement of our employees. Cooperation in the team is characterized by humanity, fairness, responsibility and self-realization. Environmental awareness and independent thinking on the part of employees are constantly encouraged. All employees share responsibility for implementing our mission statement.

Our background

The background of our mission statement and our work is the already for more than three decades long personal and professional occupation in theory and practice with organic gardening and agriculture and here mainly with humus management as an indispensable basis of a healthy, resource-saving nutrition. This is where the Organic Farming Publishing House comes into play again. We define humus management as the preservation of our natural livelihoods. This realization gave rise to one of our guiding principles:

Only a sustainably fertile and healthy soil can produce healthy plants and animals and also keep us humans healthy!

One of our role models and teachers in this field is Dr. h. c. Raoul H. Francé (1874 – 1943). It has been known for some time that a handful of the best garden or arable soil contains more living organisms than there are people on our home planet. Raoul H. Francé discovered soil communities consisting of microorganisms and larger soil animals, such as millipedes and earthworms. He coined the term “edaphon" for the totality of soil life. A very important part of the edaphon are the smallest living organisms, the microorganisms, i.e. the bacteria. Certain representatives of these microorganisms, which are irreplaceable for the continuation of life on our Mother Earth, are contained in our MikroVeda Effective Microorganisms.

Our MikroVeda microorganisms

  • are produced using a mixed culture of numerous beneficial microorganisms originally found in the wild and guaranteed to be non-GMO.
  • are completely harmless to humans, animals and nature.
  • do not contain any synthetic chemical substances.
  • are produced in a natural process according to strict hygiene guidelines and quality specifications. Regular audits by a specialist laboratory for microbiology and food technology confirm that we have a very good HACCP standard in the areas of production, packaging and storage of food supplements. (HACCP= Hazard Analysis and Criticale Control Points.concept; hazard analysis and critical control points).
  • are approved for organic farming (EU regulation according to ÖkoP Zertifizierungs GmbH).
  • are to a large extent explicitly on the annual farm input list of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Germany (FiBL) and InfoXgen, Austria.
  • are produced by us in Germany in our manufactory according to the principles of Craftwerk fermentation.
  • World-renowned technology – manufactured by us in Germany
  • Our products are based on carefully selected, high quality raw materials according to the highest quality standards. Based on our in-depth knowledge and many years of experience, we offer private individuals, pet owners, gardeners, farmers, horticulturists, municipalities, organizations, clubs and associations advice that is optimal for them in each case.

“Microorganisms are the indicators of living matter, biological value, cellular fitness, nutritional value, health of an organism, fitness of any nutrient substrate, garden and field soil." Herwig Pommeresche, Humusforscher und Autor