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More and more people are concerned with ferment-active and probiotic microorganisms, those communities, their cycles and metabolic products, such as amino acids, enzymes and vitamins. They are looking for means to help them establish and stabilize a bacterial balance in and on their bodies, so that a healthy metabolism can contribute to health and well-being.

We are asked by many interested parties and customers to what extent microorganism preparations can contribute to equipping, for example, humans and animals as well as possible for the current challenges with which, for example, the respective immune systems are confronted. We are also pleased about the numerous new customers who report on their experiences or professionals who describe application experiences and then specifically inquire about studies. Therefore, we have decided to first share some basic information regarding the areas of application for humans and in the household.

Healthy nutrition the be-all and end-all?

From our point of view, a healthy and balanced diet is the be-all and end-all of every living being.
“You are what you eat", after all, is also the famous and not unfounded quote of the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach. According to today’s knowledge, we would recommend him to add “and how you take care of your household". After all, the challenge involved is more complex.
Complementary to a balanced diet, our special multi-microbe preparations are ideal, both to accompany your diet, but also for the conscious integration of these preparations into the tasks of any household. After all, we can be exposed to significant deficiencies in our everyday diet. Informing and anticipating is always better than treating after the fact!

MikroVeda stands for MORE naturalness and microbial LIFE.

The bio-certified production of our microorganism preparations is strictly based on our natural concept by following nature as closely as possible. We succeed in this 100% both throughout the entire production chain and in the result (GMO-free, organic, vegan, raw, without allergens, without additives). All bacterial strains, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes contained in our products come from a purely natural origin and are therefore available in their purest form! We have been cultivating our microorganism strains exclusively and continuously alive for decades.

Whether this is the decisive factor?

For us, this is a decisive component, because microorganisms must also be able to expand their microbiome by means of the dominance principle, i.e. in addition to arriving and colonizing, this ultimately also means asserting themselves and therefore establishing themselves sustainably. Here we rely exclusively on cultures that we monitor every day in our production and withstand these challenges within the framework of natural processes. Microorganisms from MikroVeda mean here in each case balanced and communitized microorganism strains, which can establish themselves sustainably in the context of a microbial cycle management. Here we rely on meanwhile 34 different organic cultures.

We recommend that you realize that you are dealing with a living preparation. After all, you yourself also live in symbiosis with an uncountable number of microorganisms (in total the microbiome), without which you could not survive. The microbiome is controlled by your nutrition, of course influenced by the different initial situations of each living being, which can also be genetically favored or burdened.

As different as people are, our products are used with different targets. Finally, an unbalanced microbiome can also lead to very different problem areas in humans and trigger a whole range of different inflammatory processes in and on the body and, for example, also promote viral courses of disease. The exact scientific investigation of this offers research potential for several decades. But even if we still seem to be in the early stages here, welcome gains in knowledge are continuously being achieved, and we feel confirmed in our work.

Bacteria administered orally as a preventive measure against influenza?

Studies have long indicated that certain microorganisms have preventive potential against viral infections (e.g. influenza viruses) and can generate humoral and cellular immune responses during oral administration. For example, a Korean study* for the bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus in the context of oral administration in collaboration with Konkuk University, Soul, identifies this.

*Jeong Ah Song, Hee Joo Kim, Seong Keun Hong, Dong Hoon Lee, Sang Won Lee, Chang Seon Song, Ki Taek Kim, In Soo Choi, Joong BokLee, Seung Yong Park 2016

*MikroVeda refrains from animal testing within the scope of its own research and development. Just as we welcome knowledge gained from external studies, we are also critical of experiments on animals where life and health are knowingly endangered. Nevertheless, we have decided not to withhold this content, to share it with interested parties and to leave the assessment of the underlying methodology to the interested reader.

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