Spray your microbiome! Mikroorganisms easy to spray on


It is not new that our microorganism combination convinces our customers in its application. But how to use our preparations now even easier,
That´s NEW!

This is because, although some of our products are ready-to-use concentrates, they can be just as effective and extremely productive when mixed with water.

To which preparations does this apply?

We now have probably the best spray bottle in our range, which is ideally suited for the application of our microorganism preparations!

of the MikroVeda Spray bottle:
  • Finest spray mist
  • long lasting 360° spraying
  • Enables economical dosing
  • comfortable and ergonomic usage

good for:

  • enrich room air with good bacteria
  • spay plants in the house
  • Discreet spraying of fruit and bread to improve shelf life
  • Spraying the coat of pets or horses
  • Continuous spraying enables economical dosing: Ideal wetting of
    large surfaces without droplet formation without having to re-spray
  • 360° spraying for hard-to-reach surfaces: e.g. overhead spraying
  • comfortable and ergonomic use
  • Environmentally friendly spray without propellant gas
  • Easily refillable
  • With 300ml the ideal amount for everyday use, well sealed: keeps the
    mixture fresh for a long time and is enough for a big cleaning day or
    multiple applications. However, in case of a 1 to 1 mixture with water,
    should be remixed after 4 days at the latest! You can easily dispose of
    any leftover mixture, for example, via the irrigation water, the sewer
    system or the compost.
  • Original Flairosol-Tecnology
  • Top Quality

MikroVeda Blond and Spray bottle Set

Can also be ideally used as a positive “infection agent" for neutralizing harmful germs by means of the dominance principle:

Our MikroVeda Blond enriches the environment with good bacteria and
creates a regenerative environment through dominance, which can
naturally purify the air and eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria.
Pure or mixed with water 1 (150ml) to 1 (150ml) pour into the spray
bottle and generously spray the room, surfaces and also hands.

Household application: cleaning agent, room spray, textile freshener, ironing spray, indoor plant strengthener, etc.

MikroVeda M33+

Are you a fan of spraying? We can understand that, because our good
bacteria and their metabolic products, which are naturally produced by
means of multi-stage fermentation, are ideal for spraying onto a wide
variety of environments! Our supplements can either be drunk or likewise
sprayed on.

However, the spray bottle is a bit too big for this. For this, use
the MikroVeda M33+ as a microbiotic oral spray in the optimal 50ml glass
spray bottle for use in the oral microbiome.

The precious, natural ingredients such as vitamins, enzymes and
antioxidants are then ideally absorbed by the body via the mucous

Still not tired of spraying?

You want to fall asleep well and enjoy a peaceful sleep?
Then you don’t have to do without spraying here either!

Our Sleep well is also a natural, microbiotic air freshener, enriched
with the best organic lavender oil for a good night’s sleep and
supports your biotic bed environment!

Advantages of MikroVeda Sleep well:

  • Live probiotic and ferment-active microorganism strains
  • Improvement of the indoor climate for well-being
  • With natural organic lavender oil
  • Support for a comfortable sleep
  • 100% natural and sustainable
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