Activate self-healing powers – with good bacteria

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Especially in times when the body is weakening, you should listen to its signals and act.

Help your body to find its natural balance again!

Stress or illness can be the trigger for a disbalance in the body. It is important to rebalance this in a natural way in order to be stronger for the future. Coordinated microorganisms, together with a conscious, balanced diet, can be the key to well-being and health. How easy and in a natural way you can support your immune system, I will show you here.

What are MikroVeda Microorganisms?

At this point I would like to point out that MicroVeda microorganisms occur naturally in nature and have not been genetically modified to achieve a desired effect. The effect is completely natural, as the respective microorganisms have been proven to have a positive effect on the immune system naturally. Since we are talking about a purely natural process, there are therefore no undesirable side effects.
However, they are not medicines and therefore no specific healing promises can be made. In case of complaints that worry you, always consult your trusted doctor.

Complaints that are due to a disturbed balance of our bacterial colonization can lead to relief, freedom from complaints or health in a short time by taking or applying microorganism preparations. The MikroVeda microorganism preparations are specially adapted for ingestion and application to the skin of humans, tested, approved and therefore completely safe for you.

The following typical efficacies can be attributed to a good bacterial balance:

Stomach and intestinal health
Better absorption of nutrients from our food
Strengthening of the microbiome
Healthy metabolism
Elimination of intolerances
Improvement of body odors
Strengthening of the immune system
Promotion of wound healing
Alleviation of itching
Facilitation of hygiene
Healing of skin irritations
Improving mental health
Neutralization of toxins in the body
Increasing the quality of life
Fast healing of insect bites
Improvement of brain and nerve functions
Strengthening during antibiotic therapy
Pacification of antibiotic resistant microbial strains
Healthy respiratory functions
Fungus prevention and regulation
Healthy body weight and feeling
Well-being during pregnancy
Building a healthy infant immune system
Healthy teeth

Thought differently:
For which symptoms and problem areas in the field of health and well-being for humans can communalized microorganisms contribute in a completely natural supportive way?

Digestive problems of all kinds
Stomach problems
Tiredness and fatigue
Lack of nutrients
Disturbed metabolism
Body odor, bad breath
Psychological problems
Skin blemishes
Skin irritations
Respiratory diseases, chronic or acute
Side effects of antibiotics
Pregnancy complaints
Dental problems

Microorganisms are also often used by our customers as a dietary supplement to help build a healthy microbiome during or after drug treatments or therapies (typically antibiotic use or chemotherapy). The body is weakened after the treatments or therapies, so the immune system should be rebuilt and strengthened. A healthy bacterial flora can contribute significantly to this. Feel free to consult your trusted doctor or alternative practitioner about this.

Are there side effects?

Since MikroVeda Microorganisms are not drugs, purely herbal raw materials are fermented with microorganisms that also occur in the wild, whose efficacy is based on processes found in nature and which are harmless to humans, side effects are not to be expected. However, it can be pointed out that excessive use or consumption of the microorganisms can certainly not be beneficial and the dosage for children should be done with moderation. The dosage is therefore very individual and should be built up carefully in small quantities, depending on the goal, sensitivity and well-being. On the labels MikroVeda lists the recommended dosage.

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