How you can relieve stress with good bacteria

Stress abbauen

In everyday stress, sometimes you feel overwhelmed and your head feels foggy. Tiredness and eye strain also lead to this feeling. Continuous conditions like this can make body and mind sick. The eyes, nerves or back show signs of fatigue, and with prolonged stress, some of the body’s functions really fail.
There are many ways to counteract everyday stress. Whether this is due to professional or private reasons, people must find their balance, preferably in relaxation phases. Also, one should not act only when body and mind are already weakened. In addition to relaxation measures as a counterbalance to stress, short exercises and refresh sprays are suitable. If you don’t have the opportunity to do physical exercises in your everyday life, you should at least do something for your mental relaxation. Meditate, look into the distance for a longer time to calm your eyes and thoughts or close your eyes for a few minutes.

Microbiotic room sprays

Microbiotic room sprays offer another aid to relaxation. The MikroVeda microbiotic room spray Sleep well is fermented with a special tuned selection of microorganisms and thus enriches the diversity of bacteria in the air. These bacteria are mainly absorbed through the nose.

Since our nose is a major contributor to the formation of our internal microbiome, we should not disregard the air we breathe.

Compare the fresh air of a healthy forest to that in your bedroom and you will find, even without a microscope, that the air in your bedroom is nothing like it. This is because “freshness" in the air is created by microbes and their diversity. Since we usually lack them in our habitat, due to the lack of plants or the use of cleaning products, we should specifically introduce them. Regular spraying of the microbiotic room spray enriches the bacterial world in the air and thus supports our nose in the absorption of beneficial microorganisms. In the Sleep well we have fermented selected microorganisms, which are stable in their community and useful for the microbiota of the human organism.

Enriched with organic lavender oil, it supports well-being and soothing sleep.

In addition to the microbiotic room spray Sleep well, we also offer Refresh sprays, which differ in application and composition.

What can Refresh sprays help with?

Depending on the composition, Refresh sprays can relax and soothe, but also give new energy and refresh. There are different fragrances, depending on your preference. Both the environment and the body itself can be sprayed.

What is special about the MikroVeda Refresh Spray “Kleine Auszeit"?

The MikroVeda Small Time Out consists of water energized with microorganisms, supplemented with the high-quality active ingredients from the MikroVeda enzyme extract “Mzyme", organic alcohol as well as valuable essential oils. This coordinated composition can help you feel refreshed and release new energy. A pleasant fragrance also provides a sense of well-being through the sense of smell.

What else should be noted?

Shake well before use.
Do not drink the Kleine Auszeit, it is not designed for ingestion.
Remove your glasses before spraying on the Kleine Auszeit. A light film of color may form on the glass because of the essential oils.
It is best to spray over your head from a distance of 10-15 cm, so that your face and hair are sprinkled.
For the application of Little Time Out on the armpits, we would advise against, although it is not harmful and can also show its effect against sweat. However, the composition is not adapted to the sensitive skin of the armpits.

A regular time out helps to reduce stress in everyday life! Refresh your surroundings and treat yourself to a moment of clarity and serenity.

What fragrances does MikroVeda offer?

Summer Wind
Forest Whisper
Energy Source

Contents and active ingredients
Little time out Summer Wind:

Energized water
Enzyme extract (Mzyme)
Organic alcohol
Essential oils: vanilla, litsea cubeba, lemongrass, stone pine oil, lemon.

Small time out energy source:

Energized water
Enzyme extract (Mzyme)
Organic alcohol
Essential oils: cardamom, vanilla, grapefruit, litsea cubeba, palmarosa, lemongrass, basil.

Little time out forest whisper:

Energized Water
Enzyme extract (Mzyme)
Organic alcohol
essential oils: pine oil, bay, juniper, lavender.

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