Simple cold or did the virus get me after all?

Erkältung oder Virus Vorbeugung

Erkältung oder Virus Vorbeugung

It’s scratchy in your throat, you feel listless, not for the first time this winter you think to yourself: now it’s got me. And yet everything is different these days – the question you ask yourself today is rather: Do I have to go to the doctor now? Could it be the Corona virus after all? This question is asked by almost everyone who has been following the development of the Corona virus over the last few months and has noticed symptoms of the disease.
However, one calms down quite quickly if one internalizes the current facts: Most aches and pains these days are due to a cold or other mild and common infections. If you are in the same place with another infected person, you are far from being infected.
However, no one wants to have it, neither the cold, nor the virus! So what can we do to support our body in its natural protection in the best possible way? Because even a vaccination does not protect against a flu infestation or any other viral illness.

Wash your hands and strengthen your microbiome!

1. Hand washing should not be confused with disinfection!

Wash your hands with soap – after and before eating and after contact with other people or visiting public places. This should be enough as a basic measure for now. Disinfecting your hands and your environment will ensure that you kill the bacteria, but the viruses usually survive this. Disinfection of one’s own environment and oneself therefore does not lead to protection against a virus. Washing with soap helps reliably. Also, do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth after you have been in contact with other people. This way the viruses, if they come into contact with you, cannot get into your organism so easily and then you are less likely to get sick. Disinfection of your hands should be done when you have touched particularly virus-laden things, e.g. when you have been in hospital or after shopping. However, do not disinfect your entire home environment, this will harm your “good" bacterial environment.

2. Strengthen your microbiome!

The microbiome is, so to speak, the bacterial world in a particular milieu. On our planet, there are numerous environments, all of which are structured in the same way: All are organic, upright and healthy – maintained by countless microbes. It includes nature, animals and humans, and each organism additionally represents its own microbiome. A balanced, species-diverse microbiome ensures that the organism is and remains healthy. If the regenerative diversity is disturbed, it becomes ill. In modern times, diverse microbiome systems are disturbed. This is mainly due to a disturbed naturalness of our food, resulting from industrial processing of our food, but also from the sterilization of our environment. The microbial world in our environment and in our body no longer has a chance to maintain itself naturally healthy and thus various diseases occur increasingly. If you want to read more about “the microbiome", you can learn more here.

What is a microbiome?

What can I do to strengthen my microbiome and keep it naturally healthy?

Enrich your environment with “good bacteria." Good bacteria, are those that are able to make the “bad" ones work for them and coax the “neutral" ones to work with the “good" ones – the dominance principle. Diversity, especially of the “good" bacteria, is the key to maintaining this principle. Since in today’s environment, which has many disturbed microbiomes, there are often not many good bacteria naturally surrounding us in sufficient numbers, we must resort to aids that provide lasting benefits in our immediate environment. So it is microorganism preparations, which are tuned to the specific milieu, microorganism strains brought together from nature, which can strengthen the microbiome. The following milieus are just some of them:
Household (Clean and Blond for cleaning and as general household remedies).
Human (Life with herbs and Life Pur as an enzyme ferment drink and the Ferment Starter for fermenting your own food / lactic pickling)
Animal (e.g. Care, Vital and ProbiotiX Life)
Garden and soil (e.g. stock solution, Folio, Terra, Bokashi)
Agriculture (e.g. stock solution, stock solution Plus, Folio)
Industry and remediation (e.g. stock solution and stock solution Plus)
Water (e.g. stock solution Plus, Pond)

Can I use one preparation for everything?

Basically, a positive bacterial colonization is initially the first and most important step to strengthen the microbiome. Since the required communitization of the organism strains differ considerably in their structure depending on the milieu, the compositions of the preparations also differ. Thus, the preparation adjusted for humans does not harm nature and the stock solution for plants and soils does not harm humans either, but is absolutely unsuitable for consumption, since many valuable bio-cultures especially for the intestinal microbiome are not included and, moreover, the customer also does not have the transparency whether the respective manufacturer produces his stock solution in a food-safe manner (hygiene!).
Therefore, always keep an eye on the specific microbiome and specifically use the respective microbial formulation enriched with additional natural active ingredients!

Doctors’ comments on “Hand washing, microbiome and corona virus"

A strong, healthy microbiome is able to keep the immune system much more stable. This way, pathogens don’t have a chance to weaken you in the first place.

Keep your microbiome balanced to face viruses stronger with a good immune system!

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