How to clean the whole household with only one natural remedy

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SIMSALABIM with MikroVeda Blond – the natural “magic agent" for the household!

MikroVeda Blond – fully biological, microbiotic magic as a universal remedy for household, garden and more!

No magic but microbiology – The MikroVeda Blond briefly presented…

Liquid, fully biological, microbiotic concentrate as universal agent for house and garden based on the MikroVeda microorganisms with 16 microorganism strains; long shelf life (6 months after opening)
Very economical, as it can be diluted with water before use; light color prevents staining and allows wide range of use, dirt-preventing effect
Vegan raw materials, 100% natural and absolutely sustainable (chemical-free), ingredients from controlled organic cultivation; eliminates unpleasant odors and removes organic dirt
Furniture care, floor care, to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, room climate, dust binding, odors, washing, rinse aid replacement, cutlery care, against mold, drain cleaning, tool care, shoes and textiles, foot baths, plant food, soil revitalization, plant care and compost activator and much more.

MikroVeda Blond is a fully biological and microbiotic all-purpose household and garden remedy with ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. The all-rounder household agent is gently fermented with an optimally balanced formula of microorganisms from MikroVeda and represents a super-activated high-quality concentrate, which can still be further diluted with water before use. It removes organic dirt on all surfaces, improves indoor climate. Use MikroVeda Blond to ensure an intact microbiome in your home. It can also be used in the garden for soil and plant care or even as a drain cleaner. Spraying extends the shelf life of the fruit you buy. At the same time it is skin and environmentally friendly and can be applied safely. MikroVeda Blond has its own fragrance character: fruity, fresh with powerful multi-biocultures.

100% natural and sustainable

MikroVeda Blond is completely biodegradable and certified organic. It is not problematic for the environment like conventional household products, cleaners or detergents, on the contrary. The microbiotic composition of MikroVeda Blond even supports the clarification of water in sewage treatment plants. Set on sustainable cycles and use in your household instead of environmental toxins, proven natural microbiotic solutions of Mikroveda, which are used in many places also in commercial areas for many years, e.g. to create a hygienic climate in the food industry or when used in sewage treatment plants to improve the degradation process. Did you know that some car washes also rely on microbiotic solutions from MikroVeda? In addition to improving the quality of wastewater, cleaning water can be recycled more often, reducing water consumption significantly.

Very easy to use!

In principle, the microbiological household and garden product can be used for all surfaces, soils and plants that may become damp or wet at least temporarily and require regular or one-time cleaning and care. MikroVeda Blond is applied with a standard spray bottle or mixed with water from a watering can or bucket. Since it is a valuable microbiotic concentrate, it can often still be generously diluted with water.
In the household it is used, for example, for spraying against odors and dust. Due to the antistatic effect, new dirt is not attracted so quickly again. New dirt even serves as a nutrient for the remaining microorganisms. For example, furniture, floors, cutlery, drains and much more are suitable for cleaning.
MikroVeda tips – worth knowing & tricks depending on the field of application

General cleaning of surfaces

Fill 10ml MikroVeda Blond with 500ml cold water into a spray bottle and spray a damp cleaning cloth. Removal of stubborn dirt: Spray stubborn dirt directly with MikroVeda Blond undiluted. Then allow to act for two minutes and wipe off with a damp cloth. If necessary, wipe with a dry cloth. For cleaning heavily soiled ceramic hobs, stove tops, ovens or grill grates, we recommend additionally using ProbiotiX Clean as a universal cleaner due to its special fat-splitting effect.

Longer shelf life of fruit

MikroVeda Blond can be used several times in the kitchen. The purchased fruit can be either concentrated, sprayed lightly mixed with water or washed in a bowl (10ml to 1 liter of water).

General cleaning agent in the kitchen

MikroVeda Blond can also be used as a cleaning agent in the kitchen. Spray the contaminated surfaces and let the microorganisms do their work for you for a few minutes. After that you can wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Rinse aid, dish and cutlery care

MicroVeda Blond pure is added as a rinse aid substitute. Dishes and cutlery can also be cared for very well with MikroVeda Blond. It can be used as a rinsing agent or for after-treatment by spraying or polishing with a damp cloth.

To wash up

Mix 10ml of MikroVeda Blond with 5 liters of water at a maximum temperature of 40°C and use as cleaning water.

Refreshing shoes and textiles

For this purpose, mix 40ml in 1 liter of water and use as cleaning water (spraying textiles and inner areas of shoes or wiping the outer area of shoes.

Washing clothes

Reduce your detergent to half of the indicated dose and add 15ml of MikroVeda Blond to the washing machine. With micro-organism ceramics from MikroVeda, there is even potential to almost completely eliminate detergent in the home. Our MikroVeda Washing Ball is the right washing aid for the washing machine!

For odor elimination

Even bad odors can be effectively eliminated with MikroVeda Blond, as the microorganisms solve the odor problem at the root. Many so-called room air improvers merely mask existing odors on a chemical basis or upset the natural balance of the microbiome with their antibacterial effects. Use the purifying room air effect and spray MikroVeda Blond mixed 1 to 1 with water into the affected rooms in case of bad odors. A supplement to this is the MikroVeda Sleep well, which is primarily used in bedrooms and, in addition to the microbiotic effect for the room air, can still ensure a peaceful sleep through the essential lavender oil.

For the elimination of mites and organic residues in bed

Spray mattresses and bedding to eliminate or reduce mites and organic debris such as dander.

To eliminate mold and reduce mold in the shower.

Spraying is also ideal for mold. This is effectively eliminated. But beware: the cause of, for example, damp walls or cold bridges, of course, must be eliminated separately. Regular spraying of the shower area is also advantageous. The yeasts (fungi) present in MikroVeda Blond colonize the sensitive sealed areas and reduce the unwanted mold pressure. When using for the first time, it is recommended to antibacterially clean the areas in the shower affected by mold infestation, and after spraying, wipe dry with clean water and then spray on MikroVeda Blond undiluted. Subsequently, regular spraying of Blond pur is recommended, e.g. after showering in the endangered areas.

Unblocking clogged and foul-smelling drains

The drains are colonized by the beneficial microorganisms and bad rot and odor-causing germs are displaced. In addition, the bacteria prevent corrosion.

Maintenance applications

Footbaths and baths

Care for your microbiome especially in the areas that are particularly stressed in everyday life. A foot bath with MikroVeda Blond helps to eliminate bad odors and to care for the foot and its appearance. Add 50ml of MikroVeda Blond in 5l of maximum 40°C warm water and let the feet enjoy the foot bath for a few minutes. MikroVeda Blond can also be used as an extraordinary bath remedy. For this purpose, 200ml of MikroVeda Blond should be added to a normally filled bathtub (about 150 liters). Mix well after adding. When adding MikroVeda Blond, do not use any other bath additives that may endanger the microbiotic healthy environment. Make sure that the normal recommended water temperature of 36-38°C is maintained, or 40°C is not exceeded. After adding MikroVeda Blond, mix the water well.

For washing hands, for example after going to the toilet

Spray once on each hand. Then rub both hands together on the front and back and let the fingers slide into each other.

Applications in the garden and on plants

MikroVeda Blond as plant food and care

MikroVeda Blond offers valuable microorganism strains that also do good to the plant. Strengthen your (indoor) plants and spray MikroVeda Blond, 20ml diluted in 1 liter of water. The contained photosynthetic bacteria build useful substances from organic material with the help of solar energy and heat. The substances they produce contain amino acids, nucleic acids and bioactive substances that also benefit the plant.

For soil revitalization

MikroVeda Blond can also be used for soil revitalization due to the bacteria it contains. Add 20ml to 1 liter of irrigation water.
Compost Activator: To activate the compost also add 20ml to 1 liter of water. Pour the water over a large area of the compost.

You have made other experiences in the use of MikroVeda Blond? Tell us about it!

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