Remove adhesive residues from tiles, MikroVeda Lifehack with Blond or Clean


Lifehack report “Good bacteria in use":

That moment when you want to take the bathroom mat aside and it sticks because it got wet and the anti-slip plastic sticks to the tiles….

I have already had to experience this moment 2x in my life. The first time I was still totally outraged how you can offer a bathroom mat, which is sold as a “shower mat" therefore as particularly suitable because it absorbs the water particularly well and has an anti-slip coating on the underside. And then once it got wet and was not hung up to dry immediately afterwards, the whole mat sticks to the floor after a few hours. If you try to remove it, the underside remains stuck to the tiles, a rather stubborn mass, now one with the tiles and not to wipe away. Not even can be scraped off this material! So equally stubborn cleaner had to be used to remove the stuff from the tiles again.

The 2nd time I was already somewhat hardened: Again fell into the trap and bought a shower mat with great absorbency and anti-slip coating (this time from another manufacturer). It also went well for a few months, and then came this moment, when then but again residues from the mat remained on the tiles. Since 10 years had passed in the meantime, I have children in the house and ecological housekeeping is important to me, I decided to strive for other solutions. Since I have been doing almost all the plastering work in the house with MikroVeda Blond or Clean for several years now, I also took up this challenge. And indeed, the fermented micro-organism complex even gets to grips with this material. Science and also MikroVeda’s own laboratory are researching the effectiveness of fermented microorganism complexes at full speed. The practice already proves itself. MikroVeda does not add any purification surfactants or any synthetic enzymes to their microorganism products for home use, offering a 100% natural food based product.

Anyway, I am happy with the results again this time!

What has been your experience with using MikroVeda Blond or Clean? We welcome any real life lifehack stories!

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