At what time of day should I take the MikroVeda microorganisms?

Mikroorganismen zum Trinken

Kinder trinken frisches Wasser mit Limetten in der Küche vor den Eltern

Dietary supplement before or at mealtime? Liquid ferment as a dietary supplement at any time of day?

What should be considered?

The answer is as simple as it is certain: since our ferments are the most primal natural food supplements in the world, there are no application errors to be expected. Because the intake of natural, good microorganisms is the most natural thing in the world. Even with the breathing of the air we ingest them. Our supplements offer a controlled, balanced blend of microorganisms that have proven to be particularly beneficial to life and metabolism in the community. And these are not freeze-dried, sterilized, or grown in a lab.

What is our recommendation for ingestion?

The time of ingestion is actually not critical for our microorganism preparations. It is rather advantageous to take them in such a way that they can be easily and regularly integrated into the daily routine – i.e. relatively individually. After all, the natural function is in the form that a minimum number of germs from the microorganism complex should settle and remain capable of reproduction. Since the intake takes place daily, one supports this process also regularly. The daily dosage of 25ml (approx. 2 tablespoons daily) is also adjusted to this. The microorganism complex acts as a natural starter, which should expand the microbiome as well as develop a regenerative dominance (dominance principle) through the reproduction of the “good bacteria".

Principles and decision support

There are, however, a few principles which, if followed ideally, can allow for a small potential in reducing the daily dosage, if you later want to integrate MikroVeda Life or MikroVeda Life Pur into your everyday life outside of a cure. It is ideal to take the preparation between meals (approx. 30 minutes before a meal and then approx. 3x 8ml). However, this is somewhat inconvenient. As a good compromise, many customers take 25 ml once or 2 x 12 ml just before setting the table. It is also possible to take our preparations before going to bed (with 30 minutes interval after brushing teeth and before going to bed). This procedure is very easy and has been gaining popularity for several years.

Multiplication of microorganisms in the body

Ultimately, however, as mentioned above, the optimal intake is not crucial. Microorganisms multiply several times within hours. Only a minimum number must get through. This is therefore a completely natural process. During the meal the stomach acid is rather microbe-unfriendly, above all if one does not drink during the meal. In principle, this is also intentional, because our body is accustomed by evolution to the fact that we are also confronted with many dangerous germs during the meal. Nevertheless, our preparations have proven themselves also for customers who take our complexes during the meal (e.g. mixed into the muesli, in the hospital via a stomach tube together with the liquid food or supplement their salad). It is important to keep an eye on the temperature then.

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